The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil: My Thoughts

By Stephen Collins

A modern day fairy tale with themes of non-conformity and consumerism.

I honestly loved the art here so much. This has the most innovative panels I have ever seen. The art has this dread filled, dark, moody style to it which enlifts the narrative. I loved the art and the graphic part of this novel completely.

The story is actually pretty good too. I didn’t think it landed well enough, but I appreciate the absurdity. To think about it, it’s really dark but not in a way that would jump out at you, it’s more subtle and has a sense of dread and coldness to it. Yes like other reviewers pointed out, it does feel like a Roald Dahl in the dark tones but also this is more of a study into the world and how it reacts to absurd events and tries to fit it into itss boxes. Roald Dahl would never write such an extended piece about specifically the world. His writing has always looped back to the protagonist and to the unique idea he wants to present.

I do think that focusing on the world is a smart decision. It brings more metaphors and deeper thoughtful meanings to the narrative. A highlight for me is when Dave asks why me and just that there is no particular reason. I also found the media cycle very fun though it does by now appear stale and overused as it appears in nearly all absurdist books.

I really liked this. I didn’t get particular new meanings or ideas from it, but the idea was fun, the art was gorgeous and it was well-presented and short and sweet honestly. I would easily tell other people to read this. It’s a fun read what can I say.



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